Pokemon GO

A Rocky Road Pokémon GO Rewards

Image courtesy of Niantic

May Community Day is just around the corner in Pokémon GO, and with it are increased spawn rates, exclusive moves, and in-person meetups in select locations. As well as everything listed, the A Rocky Road Special Research for the Alolan Geodude Community Day coming May 21.

Here's everything you need to know about the rewards available to you for the A Rocky Road Special Research.

A Rocky Road Pokémon GO Rewards

Although the exact rewards for the A Rocky Road Special Research have not been revealed yet, we can assume that it will be very similar to the Special Research available on previous Community Days, such as the Strong Stuff Special Research from April. A Rocky Road will likely feature a few generic Community Day quests regarding walking distances, catching Geodudes, evolving Geodude or Graveler, and in return, players will likely be rewarded with additional Geodude encounters or candy.

The good thing about those encounters, is that they will give shiny hunting players extra opportunities to hunt for shiny Alolan Geodude to add to their collection, given that the search for Alolan Geodude's shiny variant will certainly peak on Community Day.

Additionally, players will have an extra opportunity to play through the A Rocky Road Special Research with a friend, since Niantic has added the option to gift event tickets to in-game friends for the first time ever. Adding this feature for this Community Day, Niantic has their eyes on getting people out and catching Pokémon on Saturday May 21.