A Steward for Every Occasion WoW: Quest Guide

A Steward for Every Occasion in WoW is a World Quest located in Bastion.
A Steward for Every Occasion in WoW is a World Quest located in Bastion. / Blizzard Entertainment

A Steward for Every Occasion in WoW is a World Quest located in Bastion.

World of Warcraft (WoW) has recent sent its players to the Shadow Realm—er, Shadowlands. In a bid to escape death once and for all, Sylvanas Windrunner, former Ranger General of Silvermoon and ex-Warchief of the Horde, tore the veil separating the world of the living and the dead asunder. As always, Blizzard has made sure players have plenty to do within the realms of the dead as they quest to set things right once again.

A Steward for Every Occasion WoW

This is a World Quest in the Bastion area—specifically Hero’s Rest—that was officially added with the Shadowlands expansion in patch 9.0.2. It is a non-sharable, level 60 quest with multiple parts that players must complete according to their quest log. It can be picked up from Kalithenes

The quest, itself, is pretty simple. Players will have to complete any six chores around the rest to finish the quest. Chores can be completed by interacting with wandering Helpful Stewards and directing it toward a problem. Once spoken to, the Steward will follow the player until they find a chore that it can fix. This, however, it where some players are finding difficulty.

Each Helpful Steward is truly only helpful with one thing—indicated both by the item they’re carrying and their speech when spoken to. Once a Steward’s job is figured out it’s just a matter of finding the chore it corresponds with. For example, the Steward carrying a pie would help the Hungry Aspirant, the one carrying bottles would help the Thirsty Aspirant, and so on.

To direct a Steward, players need only speak with it again and select, “Can you help with this problem?” The Steward will either sort it out or explain it doesn’t know how to help here.

Some easy chores players can complete are:

  • Feeding the Hungry Aspirant
  • Providing water for the Thirsy Aspirant
  • Giving Parchment to the Bored Aspirant
  • Tending to the Exhausted Aspirant
  • Sweeping Broken Glass
  • Fixing the Damaged Sentry
  • Helping other Helpful Stewards
  • Appropriating Mishandled Goods

The rewards for this quest are 9450 experience points and +125 reputation with The Ascended faction.