AC Valhalla Leicestershire Wealth: Full Location List

AC Valhalla Leicestershire wealth is spread all over the region.
AC Valhalla Leicestershire wealth is spread all over the region. / Ubisoft

AC Valhalla Leicestershire wealth is spread all over the region.

Ubisoft has packed the open world of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla with a plethora of hidden loot, gear, and abilities. Released on Nov. 10, this latest installment into the popular Assassin's Creed series features the story of Eivor, a Viking raider on a quest for revenge. Their journey takes them and their clan to war with the neighboring Anglo-Saxon kingdoms across the sea—providing plenty of space for obscure treasures.

AC Valhalla Leicestershire Wealth

There are 28 pieces of wealth within the Leicestershire region. They are made up of four ability books, seven pieces of gear, five barrels of cargo, and twelve ingots. We've broken these down into their own categories for convenience sake.


  • Piercing Shot—Fort Templebrough, inside the center building.
  • Harpoon Impalement—southwest of Venonis, via a hidden entrance in a ruin, through the wooden wall, underwater, and then through the next wall of stone.
  • Focus of Nornir—Offchurch during the "Tilting the Balance" quest, below the crypt behind a wall with a large hole.
  • Raven Distraction—Tonnastadir, behind a locked door in the longhouse, in a hidden room via a crack in the wall in the back right.


  • Skadi's Wrath—basement of the south church in Sudwella Monastery behind a locked door.
  • Hidden One's Gloves—basement of Ratae Bureau, accessible by creating a hole in the floor via shooting the hook above.
  • Hrafn Guard—temple southwest of Ledesestr behind a locked door.
  • Hunter Helmet—after possessing the Long House Key from Tonnastadir, locate the secret passage icon and travel down it.
  • Huntsman Cloak—Fort Templebrough northwestern watchtower, break the hooks and jump down.
  • Fird's Spear—before the Offchurch shooter fight, smash the left wall and jump down to find an underwater hole.
  • Sepulcher Axe—Offchurch during "Tilting the Balance," back right corner of the crypt.


  • Two while raiding Alzestra Monastery during a settlement mission.
  • Raiding Sudwella Monastery exterior
  • Inside Sudwella Monastery main building
  • Destroying the entrance of Sudwella Monastery


  • Commander in the Sudwella Monastery Yeoman Camp.
  • Goliath enemy northeast of Sudwella Monastery.
  • Inside a tent in a camp west of Ledesestr.
  • North of Alchestre Monastery, break the floor and search behind the shelf.
  • Skirmisher south of Tonnastadir.
  • Fort Templebrough on the roof of the center building.
  • Arbalist in Fort Templebrough.
  • Pikeman in Fort Templebrough.
  • Goliath southeast of Fort Templebrough.
  • Enemy west of Repton.
  • Offchurch during "Tilting the Balance," below the crypt behind a shelf.
  • Enemy south of Alchestre Monastery.