Accessible by skydive through the rings Fortnite is the clue for the latest Fortbyte to be made available, Fortbyte #70. This Fortbyte is less focused on finding a hidden location to grab the collectible and more about testing your diving abilities. Here's what you need to know.

Accessible By Skydive Through the Rings Fortnite: How to Find Fortbyte #70

To collect Fortbyte #70, start by equipping the Vibrant Contrails. The Vibrant Contrails are a reward for reaching Battle Pass tier 26, and isn't available in the free pass. The Fortbyte won't be accessible without that cosmetic equipped.

From the Battle Bus, aim to drop out above Lazy Lagoon. From there you should be able to see the pink rings and aim to drop through them all. Successive rings will become visible as you make it through the previous one.

If you successfully pass through the fourth ring, you'll automatically add Fortbyte #70 to your collection.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games