Accidental Wattson Nerf Breaks Her Ultimate

Apex Legends' latest update accidentally nerfed Wattson's ultimate.
Apex Legends' latest update accidentally nerfed Wattson's ultimate. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

An accidental nerf to Wattson included in the Evolution Collection Event update gutted the Legend's ultimate ability, preventing it from blocking throwables as normal.

When Apex Legends Season 10's Evolution Collection Event went live Tuesday, it included a change that didn't appear in the patch notes. That change was a nerf to Wattson that prevented her pylons from destroying grenades and other throwables that are tossed into its radius.

Twitter user @lilekeyLK posted a video of the weakened ultimate ability Wednesday and tagged a developer at Respawn Entertainment in the tweets.

"Pylon does NOT currently destroy grenades properly," Lila tweeted. "it does NOT block ordinance within the inner radius a majority of the time."

On the other hand, Lila noted that a previous bug that would zap outgoing grenades has now been fixed. It's possible the fix and bug are connected, though that has yet to be confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn developer support Pav replied to Lila, assuring them the footage and bug had been sent along to the team "to look into." Now that Respawn Entertainment is aware of the bug, it likely won't be long before it issues a fix and restores Wattson to her normal grenade-blocking ways.