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Aceu Claims Wraith 'No Longer Meta' for Apex Legends

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

NRG Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn claimed that the iconic character Wraith has finally been overshadowed by new characters that have been added to the game.

The claim came in a video on the NRG Apex Legends YouTube account video called "The Ultimate Apex Legends Tier List" and featured creators aceu and LuluLuvely. Aceu makes this claim in the wake of numerous updates and balance changes that have come to the game recently.

The newest update introduced new balance changes and a new meta more heavily featuring newer Legends like Valkyrie and Caustic getting picked more and more due to their abilities being much more useful than Wraith's. Additionally, during the video, aceu highlighted the idea of Wraith getting "power creeped" out of the meta due to the newer character abilities proving more useful.

Despite the comments, Wraith still ended up in the "Useful" tier, due her longevity and familiarity with players, as well as no huge nerfs removing her effectiveness entirely. She still good at getting your squad out of a jam quickly, and keeping everyone up and moving. The comment from aceu is less a claim on Wraith falling off completely, and more an observation of Apex Legends' natural growth and progress as a game, and evolving meta.

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