Aceu Reveals How Many Times He's Been Reported for 'Cheating' in Apex Legends

"Isn't that funny? It's so sick."
"Isn't that funny? It's so sick." / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Content creator star Brandon "aceu" Winn has been on the grind once again in Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance, and in a recent clip, he revealed just how many times his main account has been reported.

Nowadays in any battle royale, it certainly seems as if a cheater could end up in your lobby any time you hop on the game.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a bit of an inconvenience for actual cracked players like aceu, who seemingly has been accused of being a cheater in-game at least 721 times over the years.

Aceu Reveals How Many Times He's Been Reported for 'Cheating' in Apex Legends

"I was able to see how many times I've been reported," aceu said in his March 9 stream. "721 bro. What a number."

According to aceu, he was able to get that information after talking to Respawn Entertainment's Security Analyst Conor "Hideouts" Ford.

Ultimately, just about anyone who watches aceu's streams for a least a game should know that this guy isn't necessarily cheating, but he also doesn't play the game at all like your average joe.

Thankfully, it seems aceu's in good hands by the folks over at Respawn to make sure for him and everybody else on Apex Legends that no wrongdoings are taking place.

Aceu went on to say on stream that he is pretty proud of that number and joked that he wants to hit 1,000 Apex account reports one day.

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