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Acitivision Blizzard CEO Says a 'Ready Player One' Type Metaverse is in the Works

Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick
Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick / Photo by Activision Blizzard

In a recent interview with GamesBeat, Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick said that a Ready Player Oneeqsue metaverse is in the works. Due to the progress and advancement to AR and VR, as well as forward movement in processing power through the cloud, a more than passable Ready Player One type Metaverse is possible. 

This Metaverse announcement comes after Epic Games recently raised more than $1 billion for their own version of a Metaverse. To add on top of the already $1 billion raised, Sony gave $200 million of their own to the cause.

For Kotick it’s more than just the flashy idea of a Metaverse, it’s the “continuous social connection” that it could possibly bring about. Although it may take a decade’s worth of time, advances in both AR and VR are required to go a long way. Along with more processing power; this will allow for a stronger, more legitimate Metaverse to make its way through.

GamesBeat Summit 2021 interview with Bobby Kotick
GamesBeat Summit 2021 interview with Bobby Kotick / Photo by VentureBeat

"I think we're starting to get much closer to the idea of an actual Metaverse where you have, what is the most important thing in my view, this continuous social connection. But when you think about what will happen with AR and VR over the next 10 years, and local processing power and distributed processing capability in the form of streaming, we're going to get to a place where that original vision that Neil Stephenson had in Snow Crash or what you see in Ready Player One is going to start to materialize as something that is very real," Kotick said. "I think we're rapidly progressing towards that as a legitimate mass-market experience."

Both Activision Blizzard, and Epic Games — with some help from Sony — are some of the first big contenders to step foot in the idea of a Metaverse. Something that other companies might follow suit soon.