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ACNH: How to Get Blue Roses Guide

ACNH: How to Get Blue Roses Guide
ACNH: How to Get Blue Roses Guide / Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' blue roses are rare and difficult flowers to grow in the game. With planting seeds throughout the game and cross-breeding other flowers, developing special flowers will enhance the outdoor landscape in your island.

Players should visit Nook's Cranny in order to purchase several packs of white, red, and yellow roses. If you're unable to find these seeds, you can ask another Animal Crossing friend for roses, or wait until Leif visits your island and sells roses.

ACNH: How to Get Blue Roses Guide

After acquiring the seeds, Animal Crossing users should plant the white rose seeds at a distance from the red and yellow rose seeds. It is recommended to make a fence to divide the white roses from the red and yellow roses.

Players should then expect to see a purple rose to bloom among several white roses. As for the red and yellow roses, there should be a few orange roses among this pack.

Users should collect the purple and orange roses, planting them in another part of the island in order to grow red hybrid roses. After several red hybrid roses have bloomed, you should gather these flowers and plant them together in another area, which will eventually produce blue roses.