ACNH: How to Get Purple Hyacinth Guide

ACNH: How to Get Purple Hyacinths Guide
ACNH: How to Get Purple Hyacinths Guide / Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' purple hyacinths are rare flowers that have a complicated hybrid breeding process. Requiring different types of other hyacinths, these flowers will eventually bloom on your island with dark purple petals.

Players should purchase red and yellow hyacinth seeds from Nook's Cranny. If you can't discover them at the shop, you can wait until Leif visits your island and offers these flower seeds. Hyacinths can also be discovered on a Mystery Island Tour.

ACNH: How to Get Purple Hyacinth Guide

It's recommended to bury red and yellow seeds diagonally from each other. This action will eventually result in growing orange hyacinths. For growing other types of flowers, read more about Animal Crossing: New Horizons' flower breeding guide here.

After the orange hyacinths have bloomed, players should then plant two of the flowers in a diagonal pattern, which will eventually result in the blooming of purple hyacinths.

When growing more purple hyacinths, Animal Crossing users should bury two purple hyacinths next to each other in a diagonal pattern, which will allow the surrounding soil to eventually sprout more purple hyacinths. As for selling these flowers at Nook's Cranny, purple hyacinths can be sold for 240 Bells.

From making a hyacinth meadow to decorating an outdoor greenhouse, there are various ways to utilize your purple hyacinths. Along with Lily-of-the-Valleys and golden roses, these flowers are considered as one of the rarest flowers of the game.