ACNH Luck With Money: How Does it Work?

Photo via Nintendo

The last major Animal Crossing: New Horizons update brought back beloved features and characters such as luck and Katrina, the fortune teller.

Luck affects almost everything within Animal Crossing, so here's everything luck can change in New Horizons.

ACNH Luck With Money: How Does it Work?

Money is highly affected by Katrina's predictions.

For 1,000 bells, players can have their fortunes told by Katrina, who's predictions now have real effects.

Her predications can affect almost everything in Animal Crossing, such as friendship points, villager gifts, tool durability, and how much money you can dig up from the glowing spots.

1. Good Luck

Money is very important in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so here's everything affected by Good Luck in the game.

  • Floating Balloons: 1,000 Bell to 3,000 Bells
  • Money Rocks: Increased Bells
  • Gold Nuggets: Chance increases from 1% to 11%
  • Glowing Spots: 1,000 bells to 5,000 bells
  • Trees: 100 bells to 300 bells when shaken

2. Bad Luck

On the other hand, Bad Luck will make it so that players get way less money chances during their day on their island.

  • Glowing Spot: No glowing spot for one day
  • Money Rocks: No money rocks for one day
  • Gold Nuggets: from 1% chance to 0% chance of finding gold nuggets
  • Floating Balloons: Balloon presents containing money will always be 1,000 Bells
  • Gold Island: Gold Island will not show up on Nook Miles tours

Despite this, luck only comes into play when the player talks to Katrina. If they avoid speaking to her, they can avoid the chance for Good or Bad Luck altogether.