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ACNH New Year's Event: Is There One?

Photo via Animal Crossing / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons mimics the real world with their New Year's Eve Countdown event taking place today.

ACNH New Year's Event: Is There One?

Yes, there is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Year's Eve event this year.

Just like most other Animal Crossing games, the New Year's Eve Countdown takes place on Dec. 31 all day long. Isabelle and Tom Nook can be found by the Countdown Board.

The Countdown Board will be present in front of Resident Services, rendering the building itself useless for the day due to the event.

Getting New Year's Eve Items in ACNH

Players can collect special New Year's Eve items from Isabelle and Tom Nook by speaking to them.

Isabelle will give the player a Light Stick, which can be equipped like a tool and waved around, while Tom Nook will give the player 5 Party Poppers.

If you run out of Party Poppers, you can purchase 5 more from Tom. A set of them costs 300 bells.

Players can also purchase New Year's Hats from Tom Nook for 500 bells each.

Participating in the Countdown

All you have to do to participate in the New Year's Eve Countdown is hang out around the Countdown Board.

Once it hits 11:59 in your timezone, the Countdown Board will begin to tick louder, and villagers will start crowding around to view the timer.

As the New Year rolls in, fireworks will go off in the sky until 2 a.m.