ACNH New Year's Hat: How to Get


New Year's Eve has arrived and with it comes the Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Year's Eve Countdown and Hats.

Players can take part in the awesome event by logging into ACNH today, Dec. 31, 2021.

ACNH New Year's Hat: How to Get

The New Year's Eve Hat can be acquired by speaking to Tom Nook, by the Countdown Board.

Tom Nook will sell the player either a New Year's Hat or Silk Hat for 500 bells each. The hats come in four different color variations.

Depending on your island, you'll either get a New Year's Hat or Silk Hat available and if you want a different one, you have to visit a friend's island.

Along with this, only four of eight variants will be available on your island.

ACNH New Year's Eve Countdown

The New Year's Eve Countdown also takes place today at Resident Services.

Everything New Year's Eve related can be purchased or participated in there by speaking to Isabelle or Tom Nook at the plaza.

Isabelle and Tom Nook will also give you a Light Stick and Party Poppers, respectively. Party Poppers can be used up and purchased from Tom Nook once you've run out of them.