ACNH Update May 2021: What's Coming?

Jessica Rogers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many exciting features during its May update. From collecting Wedding themed items to completing a stamp quest for Blathers, players will have a wide range of activities to tackle. The update was made available on April 28 and can be downloaded for free.

ACNH Update May 2021: What's Coming?

While the May Day tour ended on May 7, Players can expect Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Stamp Rally to begin on May 18 and end on May 31. Blathers will give you a stamp card, which requires you to discover three stamp locations in the bug, fish, and fossil area.

Visit Blathers first in order to activate this quest. After discovering the stamps' locations, you can complete the mission by talking to Blathers. For gathering all of the bug stamps, you will be rewarded with a Bug Plaque, which can be hung in your home. As for the Fish Stamps, you can receive the Fish Plaque and the completion of the Fossil Stamps will result in a Fossil Plaque.

Although you can participate in this challenge on a daily basis, you can only receive the Fish, Bug, or Fossil Plaques.

Players also have access to cheese rolling, which features wheels of cheese that can be placed around islands. Rolling cheese day will begin on May 22 and end on May 31.

Player still have access to Mother's Day-inspired furniture until May 31.

Players can also participate in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Wedding Season, which begins on June 1 and ends June 30. Visit Harv's Island and capture Reese and Cyrus' wedding anniversary. Players can decorate the wedding venue, as well as receive Heart Crystals that can be traded in for wedding-inspired furniture.