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Activision Exec Responds to Rumors of Warzone Having Live Events Like Fortnite

Will the first live Warzone event include Zombies?
Will the first live Warzone event include Zombies? / Photo courtesy of Activision

Rumors of Warzone having live events similar to that of Fortnite have been circulating in the Call of Duty community for some time, and Activision's CRO Brandon Snow has offered some response to the events.

Whether you're a fan or have pure disdain for the game, everyone is typically on the same page when it comes to Fortnite live events. Epic Games always delivers a cinematically inclusive experience when it comes to using live events to bring in the new seasons, dropping players one final time into the current season's map as they watch it become ripped apart.

Of course it's an added benefit that Fortnite allows players to build higher vantage points to get a better view of the action, but regardless Warzone fans have been awaiting the day where they see Verdansk destroyed up close and personal - and not solely through trailers.

In an interview with Inverse, Activision Blizzard’s Chief Revenue Officer Brandon Snow was asked about the possibility of live events hitting Verdansk soon. While he kept specifics to himself, Snow did respond with “Only Warzone could do things that we have planned in upcoming seasons.”

Snow's full answer regarding non-competitive social events: “We certainly see Warzone as a very large ecosystem that can continue to engage players and provide places and spaces for people to gather.” He continued: “In the upcoming seasons, you’re going to see some really cool new stuff that Warzone has never done before. It’ll be really exciting and done in a Call of Duty way.”

We'll have to wait for what Warzone has down the line, but certainly we can expect to see unique features exclusive to Call of Duty itself. The battle royale just passed its one year anniversary, and the narrative around Verdansk and its Zombies continues to grow as well.