Activision Goes After YouTube Ad Promoting Undetectable CoD Cheats for Console

Photo courtesy of Activision

Activision has apparently gone after a YouTube Ad promoting undetectable Call of Duty cheats for console. Because of the legal action, the original post has been taken down saying, "no longer available due to a copyright claim by Activision Publishing, Inc.”

You can see the original video in the tweet below. It shows off a typical aim hack.

Based on reporting from Kotaku, the cheat-making website has changed drastically lately, not even promoting Call of Duty on their website. It seems whatever Activision has started, it's scared the owners of the website to move on from Call of Duty.

It's not a surprise that Activision is going hard at cheaters since content creators and streamers complain about cheaters almost every day. Warzone is filled with cheaters as are most online multiplayers, and Activision is in a never-ending war against them.