Call of Duty

Activision Turns the Tables on CoD Cheaters by Making Regular Players Invisible

Courtesy of Activision

In an attempt to curb online cheaters, Activision has put in a new system where all normal players are invisible to anyone caught working with illegal software.

Activision has chosen to implement a new anti-cheat technology, Ricochet, which was launched on April 26, to sort out the problem of excessive hackers and cheaters in Warzone, specifically in ranked matches.

Due to Warzone's high popularity, the company has been working overtime to root out as many hackers as possible. Recently, however, the company announced that there were going to be a few new changes to how it handled hackers. Rather than simply banning them, the new anti-cheat would identify a hacker, and then make all normal players invisible to any hackers. This hilarious new mechanic would be released alongside a bullet shield mechanic where a hacker's shots would bounce right off players, effectively making them free food for melee-focused Warzone missions.

The new program was broadcast after the official Call of Duty page put out a rather ominous tweet that called out cheaters.

The main reason given behind disabling cheaters, rather than simply taking them out, is due to the information gathered. As long as they keep the hacker in, Activision can collect info on how they managed to implement illegal software and make more effective anti-cheats in the future. Hopefully, this will clamp down on the cheaters, and return Warzone to a much cleaner state, especially with the upcoming release of the Godzilla vs. King Kong crossover.