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Ada Wong Perks Revealed in Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB

Courtesy of Capcom

Here are the Ada Wong perks that were revealed in Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB

Ada Wong was announced to be joining the Dead by Daylight in a recent Player Test Build release. Wong is a character from the popular horror game franchise Resident Evil, and will be a playable survivor alongside Rebecca Chambers, another iconic character from the series. The collaboration doesn't just end there, however, as arguably Resident Evil's most iconic villain Alan Wesker will also be released as a new killer.

While the PTB just released, there is no set release date for when the event will actually go live. The Dead by Daylight devs also mentioned that the progress made in PTB will not carry over later.

Ada Wong Perks Revealed in Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB

Ada Wong will have three unique perks to her character. Here are the details:


  • After repairing Generators for a total of 33%, this perk activates. After repairing a Generator for at least 3 seconds, press the Ability button to install a spy trap, which stays active for 60/70/80 seconds. The aura of the trapped generator is revealed in yellow to all Survivors. When the Killer comes within 14 meters of the trapped generator, their aura is revealed to all Survivors. Damaging the generator destroys the Wiretap.

Reactive Healing

  • When another survivor loses a health state in a 32 meters radius around you while you are injured, instantly increase your healing progression by 25%/30%/35% of the missing healing progression.

Low Profile

  • When you become the last Survivor, this perk activates. Hide your scratch marks and pools of blood for 70/80/90 seconds.