Adding Bots to PUBG Isn't As Bad As You Think

Photo courtesy of PUBG

PUBG Corp recently announced the addition of bots in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Season 7 in an attempt to reduce match wait time. Fans have been left feeling mixed about this addition, but could it possibly have benefits?

Players have expressed mixed feelings. Waiting for 100 players can be tedious when all players want is to get in there and play the game.

Bots are not real player and aree not good enough to affect the outcome of the game. They have been seen to just wander and have poor shooting speed and accuracy. They are a free kill, and running into them will not greatly impact a player's course to potential victory.

Adding Bots to PUBG Isn't As Bad As You Think

The addition of bots was more aimed toward aiding players in hours that are not so active, like 4 a.m. ET. For those players, it is much better to have bots than needing to wait for 99 other players. For regular players on active hours, the addition of bots simply decreased waiting in the lobby by a few seconds. Players may not notice the difference or care to speak out, but that extra second of not waiting to play brings an extra second of joy.

For players at inactive hours, bots are wonderful. A blessing that questions and complaints have been answered by PUBG Corp with they responses to the update.

For the majority of the players, a bot is an easy kill, a stat buffer, nothing scary. There are examples of games being filled with bots, but those are minimal.

The players have nothing to fear from bots. If one in 100 games experience this glitch, the game is still operating quite well. Bots bring in a lot of benefits and the glitches that players have seen or experienced cannot be directly linked to their addition. Instead,they are probably glitches in the game that have been occurring even before the addition of bots.