Adrien Rabiot FIFA 21: How to Complete the Player Moments SBC

Juventus  v SS Lazio - Serie A
Juventus v SS Lazio - Serie A / Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Adrien Rabiot FIFA 21 Player Moments SBC was released Friday, the latest piece of content released for the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Here is everything you need to know about completing the challenge and obtaining the new card.

Adrian Rabiot FIFA 21 Player Moments SBC: How to Complete

Here's how to complete the Adrian Rabiot FIFA 21 Player Moments SBC

Segment 1

  • Squad Rating- min 84
  • # of Team of the Week Players- min 1
  • # of Piemonte Calcio Players- min 1
  • Team Chemistry- min 70

Segment 2

  • Squad Rating- Min 85
  • # of Serie A Players- Min 1
  • Team Chemistry- Min 65

With the price of 85 and above rated players higher than average currently, the SBC comes in between 225,000 and 300,000 coins. The SBC expires in one week.

Adrian Rabiot Player Moments SBC stats

Adrien Rabiot is a 3-star weak-foot, 3-star skiller from Piemonte Calcio of the Serie A.
Rabiot's in-game stats / Photo Courtesy of FUTWIZ

Adrien Rabiot is a 3-star weak-foot, 3-star skiller from Piemonte Calcio of the Serie A. Compared to his 81 rated card, he's received a +10 in pace, +13 in shooting, +6 in passing, +6 in dribbling, +7 in defending, and a +6 in physicals. He had medium-medium work rates and stands 6'4" with a high and average body type.

Adrien Rabiot SBC Analysis

This card is definitely an upgrade for those players with Serie A squads. While he is only three star-three star, Rabiot is well rounded as a box-to-box left center mid or as a CDM. Additionally, he has a multitude of links, both to a plethora of french players to a surprising number of solid Italian league players. Piemonte Calcio has also had a few solid cards, including Cristiano Ronaldo's cards, Dybala's Player Moments SBC, Chiellini's FUT Freeze, and Kulusevski's Future Stars card.

For link-ability, Adrien Rabiot is a great card. As for his price, there is certainly a debate. It's unlikely that if this card was tradable it would reach 300k on the market. If you want a good Serie A CDM, his teammate Chiellini goes for less than 150k on the transfer market, showing you that the nation links definitely increase a player's price. As for equally great box to box mids, there are plenty of options for equal or less options that you can sell when you're done playing with them, such as Valverde's in-form, Marcos Llorente's special cards, Renato Sanchez, etc.

Let's not also forget the Milinkovic-Savic Headliners SBC, which came out months ago and is still the best Serie A midfielder in the game, and it was less than 200,00 coins. Overall, this Rabiot Card is great, however, the price tag is definitley a bit steep, and there are certain alternatives if you don't want to cough up 300k on an untradeable card. If you have the coins to spare though, he looks like a maestro at midfield.