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AEW Fight Forever Confirmed Roster So Far

AEW Fight Forever
AEW Fight Forever / Photo Courtesy of Yukes, AEW Games

AEW Fight Forever is currently in development by Yukes and AEW Games, however, members of the current AEW roster have already been revealed to feature in the game. Many popular names are expected to feature in the brand's debut console game, but we'll have to see if they are confirmed by AEW Games in the coming months.

Here's the confirmed roster so far for AEW Fight Forever, which we will update periodically as more news is revealed for the game.

AEW Fight Forever Confirmed Roster

We can expect more wrestlers to be officially announced soon for AEW Fight Forever, including major names like CM Punk; Bryan Danielson; Sting; Adam Cole; Jon Moxley; and The Young Bucks, who are all very likely to be part of the game's roster.

AEW Fight Forever's release date has yet to be confirmed, but based on the gameplay reveal we've already seen, the game can possibly see a release before the end of 2022. We may even see guests from brands such as Ring of Honor and NJPW, since AEW's "forbidden door" has opened. As more superstars in the men's and women's divisions are revealed, we'll update you here.