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AEW Fight Forever: Kris Statlander Officially Revealed

Kris Statlander AEW
Kris Statlander AEW / Photo Courtesy of AEW Games

AEW's debut video game, AEW Fight Forever, has finally delivered updates on the game's development for fans. In a May 4 livestream, two wrestlers in AEW's Women's Division were revealed to be in the game, one of them being "The Galaxy's Greatest Alien" Kris Statlander.

Kris Statlander's character in Fight Forever looks just like her real-life self, with her multi-colored hair and colorful ring gear. She even had face paint that makes her stand out among others in the AEW Women's Division. In the video, we see her entrance, and watch her go to work beating down Nyla Rose, who was also revealed in the trailer.

Statlander herself was also apart of the livestream, and while she said she wasn't the biggest video game fan, she said that it was a cool experience being in a game for the first time, and she hopes in a year's time she can be more excited about her inclusion in the game.

The game looks far from finished still, and according to AEW Games is still in development. However, the update on AEW Fight Forever's development is a welcome sign.

In addition to the gameplay and wrestler reveals, it was also announced that the debut AEW video game will launch both on console and PC. A release date has yet to be revealed, but we can hope that the game will arrive by the end of 2022.