AEW Fight Forever Unlockable Wrestlers Guide

Here's how to unlock five hidden wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever.
Here's how to unlock five hidden wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever. / THQ Nordic

A handful of AEW Fight Forever wrestlers can only be unlocked through purchase, challenges, and or Road to Elite victories.

AEW Fight Forever comes with a stacked roster of AEW wrestlers, including MJF, Britt Baker, and Kenny Omega. Most wrestlers are available as soon as the game begins, but some require a few extra steps to obtain. No matter the challenge or Road to Elite storyline, players will need AEW credits to unlock five extra superstars.

Here's a breakdown of how to acquire the five unlockable wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever.

How to Unlock Cody Rhodes in AEW Fight Forever

Despite his return to WWE, Cody Rhodes is still a playable character in AEW Fight Forever. His contributions to the brand cemented his legacy as an all-time great in AEW, even if he no longer is part of the company.

Cody Rhodes can only be unlocked in AEW Fight Forever through the shop for 10,000 AEW credits.

How to Unlock Aubrey Edwards in AEW Fight Forever

Like Cody Rhodes, Aubrey Edwards can be unlocked in the shop. Pay 20,000 AEW credits to see the referee in action against some potential superstars she has disagreed with in the past.

How to Unlock Owen Hart in AEW Fight Forever

Owen Hart requires a bit more effort to obtain. Players must win 100 exhibition matches before he becomes available for purchase in the shop. Once you accomplish the time-consuming feat, you will have to pay 50,000 AEW Credits to unlock Owen Hart.

Almost all match types count as exhibition matches, but any wins from minigames, training, or Road to Elite will not be added.

How to Unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever

Unlocking Brodie Lee requires players to trigger the Join the Dark Order storyline in Road to Elite. Although players do not have much control over the various trajectories in career mode, they have a higher chance of getting on the right track if they win the first Battle Royale match.

Once you enter the Dark Order, you will eventually have to face Brodie Lee for the TNT Title. If you defeat him, his character will unlock in the shop for 30,000 AEW credits.

How to Unlock Paul Wight in AEW Fight Forever

If players really want Paul Wight, they must begin Road to Elite and lose every match until the storyline called, "Who's Ribbing Me?" They will then face Paul Wight in a three-minute match, and if they defeat him, he will become available in the shop for 30,000 AEW credits.