AFK Arena Gift Codes April 2023

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AFK Arena is back with some new codes for the month of April, and we've compiled the list of all available codes, alongside their rewards for players looking to boost their inventory and heroes.

AFK Arena is a mobile role-playing game that features a variety of heroes to collect, upgrade, and use in battles against other players and enemies in a fantasy world. The game has the unique characteristic that allows players the ability to progress and earn rewards, even when the player is not actively playing. Players can form teams of heroes and strategically use their abilities and strengths to progress through levels and defeat increasingly challenging enemies.

Developers of the game are incredibly generous with the release of codes, which can be found on a myriad of sources for the game.

Before scrolling below to find information on the active codes, you can check here for a guide on how to redeem codes in the game, as it is a bit different than most other mobile games.

AFK Arena Gift Codes April 2023

Here's a list of the codes that are active as of the publication of this article:

  • AFKRE0 - 1,000 Diamonds, Massive Gold and Hero EXP
  • LUCK2023 - 10* Stargazer Scroll, 10* Common Hero Scroll, 10* SP/Awaken Hero Scroll and 3,000 Diamonds
  • afk888 - 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold and 100 Hero's Essence
  • misevj66yi - 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds and five Common Hero Scrolls
  • uf4shqjngq - 30 Common Hero Scrolls

The first code was just revealed today at a press release for AFK Arena, where they elaborated on the collaboration between RE:Zero and AFK Arena coming to live servers April 12.

AFK Arena developers frequently give out codes on their Twitter account, but you can always check DBLTAP for important information on active codes.