Apex Legends

Aim Assist Accused of Providing Unfair Advantage by Apex Legends Streamer NayR

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Content creator nayR has brought aim assist back into the spotlight within Apex Legends communities with a post that demonstrates its unfair potential.

Aim assist has caused a lot of debate amongst Apex Legends fans over the years. Many members of the Apex Legends community have expressed frustration over the higher level of aim assist that players using controllers on consoles receive over PC users. Adding to the frustration is the fact that gamers opting for a keyboard and mouse have no aim assist option available for them at all.

Those that are on the other side of the debate argue that aim assist is crucial for competitive play since the keyboard and mouse is usually more accurate than controllers. This option helps level the playing fields for all players in their eyes.

Apex Legends streamer nayR appeared to be in a similar headspace as those opposed to aim assist, when he added to the debate by uploading a clip on Twitter that demonstrated how this setting could be abused by players.

In the clip, viewers can see how advantageous aim assist can be as nayR lets go of an analog stick and his on-screen reticule continued to maintain its sights on the opponent. Although this may seem like a clear indication that aim assist needs to see some changes, it is worth noting that nayR accomplished this by raising aim assist to 100%. Respawn Entertainment sets the aim assist for controllers at a lower percentage than this so players shouldn't be dealing with this amount of accuracy when playing online.

Currently, Apex Legends has not seen any official word in regards to adjusting aim assist. That being said, there have been leaks that have alluded to there being a change coming in the near future.