Aim Labs Recreates Epic Valorant Moments in New Challenges

Aim Lab will give Valorant players the chance to step into the most famous moments in the game's esports history.
Aim Lab will give Valorant players the chance to step into the most famous moments in the game's esports history. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Aim Lab

Aim Lab has created a series of new challenges based on the most famous moments from the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour as part of an extended partnership with the Champions Tour.

These seven custom tasks will let players test their own skills when put in the situations their favorite players faced down in creating these highlight moments, from Spencer "Hiko" Martin's 1-v-3 Icebox clutch to Asuna's 1-v-5 clutch on Bind. Aim Lab will then analyze their performance, providing strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve their mechanics.

"We're excited to unlock a new way for our fans to experience the most epic moments from the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour," said Valorant Esports head of global strategy Kasra Jafroodi. "Aim Lab puts Valorant players in the driver's seat, allowing them to find out how they would measure up against the performances of the most skilled pro players in the most challenging situations our game can offer."

Aim Lab will also create an exclusive music rhythm task using the official Valorant Champions anthem, "Die For You" by Grabbitz. The task features rotating phases inspired by the agents Brimstone, Phoenix and Sage.

All this will be free in Aim Lab starting Dec. 1, the same day the Valorant Champions event kicks off.

Aim Lab and Valorant esports partnered earlier this year, during the North American Challengers circuit, adding custom Valorant content to practice tool and producing a digital combine event.

"We are thrilled to expand our partnership globally with Riot Games and the VALORANT Champions Tour," said Aim Lab founder and CEO Dr. Wayne Mackey. "The competitive nature of VALORANT drives the community to search for new tools to help them improve their gaming skills, creating a natural fit with Aim Lab’s mission to help gamers get better at the games they love.

"By building tasks based on historic scenarios, we’re providing a new and engaging way for fans to experience their favorite sport. And by expanding out partnership footprint, we are able to better help VALORANT players around the world."