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AimTrainer V3 Released in Overwatch Workshop

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Creator PMAJellies released a new version Sunday of his Aim Trainer mode to Blizzard's Overwatch Workshop.

Overwatch Workshop has allowed creators to gift the community with tons of fun and useful tools. One of the most useful lessons a player can learn, of course, is aiming well. In his mode, PMAJellies has accounted for nearly everything one would need to efficiently train their aim—including customizable enemy speed, spawn amount, and distance.

Aim Trainer V3 also features four game modes to help players hone their targeting skills.

The first mode, Threat, spawns several enemies advancing toward you from various distances. Each kill made increases the opponents' speed and health, making the challenge to not get overwhelmed.

The second mode, Chasing, features multiple swift moving targets shifting horizontally across the field. The number of enemies increases with each clearing and is an ideal tool to use for practice against heroes with higher mobility.

The third mode, Targets, tests the player's reflexes. Enemies appear and disappear quickly, making this the perfect aid for speed and accuracy training.

The final mode, Kills, tracks the amount of kills made in the allotted time span.

Additionally, PMAJellies has added a function to remove the invisible wall preventing the player from stepping out onto the range—now allowing you to get up-close and personal with your targets for some melee practice.

Players can access the new version using code: XHHRR.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.