Ali-A Speculates on New Fortnite Skins

Ali-A Speculates on New Fortnite Skins
Ali-A Speculates on New Fortnite Skins / Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Popular content creator Ali-A recently released a video containing a list of possible new skins to be released in Fortnite. According to Ali-A, the list came from Epic Games and contains a list of items that serve as hints to possible new skins. In the video, Ali-A goes over how the item labeled Face Paint, Mud Mask, and Sunglasses were references to Kratos, Predator, and the Terminator all being added to the game.

There are still about eight items on Ali-A's list that aren't accounted for yet. In the video, Ali-A speculates about some of these items. For example, Baseball Bat is one of the items listed. There were two candidates that Ali-A could think of. The first was Negan from the Walking Dead. Negan is one of the most iconic characters from the show thanks to his weapon, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. On top of that, the Walking Dead already has some skins in Fortnite, so adding another character wouldn't be that strange. The other character was Scout from Team Fortress 2. Scout is also known to wield a baseball bat, and recently was added as a skin in Fall Guys.

Other items included were Ant-Farm, Tokens, Candy, Hand-Wraps, and Rations. Ant-Farm was speculated to be a reference to Ant-Man since Marvel has already made an appearance in Fortnite. Tokens could be a reference to The Witcher since "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" is the song that plays every episode of the TV show "The Witcher." Candy is possibly a reference to the Matrix because of the different color pills. Hand Wraps and Rations currently don't have a clear frontrunner for these hints.

However, all of these skins are speculation. Players will have to wait and see what Epic Games brings to the Fortnite universe next.