Alien Zarya Skin Released For Overwatch League MVP Sinatraa

Alien Zarya celebrates sinatraa's Overwatch League Season 2 MVP win.
Alien Zarya celebrates sinatraa's Overwatch League Season 2 MVP win. / Courtesy of Blizzard

The Overwatch League celebrated the 2019 season MVP Jay "sinatraa" Won by releasing the Alien Zarya skin Tuesday.

The design transforms sinatraa's signature Overwatch hero, Zarya, into a business suit-wearing alien with purple tentacles coming out of her head. Zarya also wears shiny metal armor with glowing blue accents. That design is mirrored in the skin's weapon.

Alien Zarya Skin

Senior concept artist David Kang and the design team drew the alien aspect from sinatraa's relationship with aliens and the suit from the player's name — a reference to crooner Frank Sinatra.

"When we decided on the initial direction of an alien in a suit, we knew it was going to be a little bit goofy, so the main focus here was to make her look as cool as possible and not as generic as other people would think," Kang said.

Alien Zarya's eyes glow, and when she blinks her eyelids come in from the sides rather than up and down. She bears insignias on her shoulder representing the MVP award and the Overwatch League Championship trophy.

Players can unlock the skin for 200 Overwatch League tokens until June 30.

Sinatraa won the MVP award in September. He left professional Overwatch in April to join Sentinels as a professional Valorant player.