Aliens Fireteam Elite: Horde Mode Rewards Listed

Cold Iron Studios

Here are the rewards for Aliens Fireteam Elite's horde mode

By completing 10 waves of the elite horde mode, players can earn rewards. If playing on difficulties under intense, players will receive gun xp, character xp, and Requisition credits that can be used to purchase new guns at the armory.

Players also can receive perks, consumables and even emotes. It's important to note that rewards can only be obtained if players can make it all through 10 waves of alien enemies, and if they don't succeed, then players will have to leave the game empty handed.

Aliens Fireteam Elite: Horde Mode Rewards

If players opt into the challenge and play horde mode on the intense and extreme difficulties, they can earn special cosmetics. these items include:
- Horde Slayer Camo (for every gun)
- Horde Slayer Helmet
- Horde Slayer Outfit

The Horde Slayer Camo can be unlocked by beating 10 rounds on the intense difficulty, and the full outfit can only be unlocked by beating 10 rounds on the extreme difficulty.

These cosmetic items look as if they'd been covered in the acid the aliens have in their blood, which fits well with the theme of horde mode, where players have to mow down waves of the iconic xenomorphs. With the game seeing recent, success new players have a daunting challenge ahead of them if they want to unlock the Horde Slayer set