Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 4 Patch Notes Explained

Cold Iron Studios

Here's what changed in the new patch for Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 4.

New Features:

  • Crossplay - Assemble your Fireteam across all supported Platforms.
  • Prestige - Every 10 Ranks, you’re rewarded with Prestige flair.
  • Fabrication Reprocessor - Trade in 3 of your unwanted Challenge Cards for a different random card. There is a chance of getting a bonus card drop.
  • Challenge Card Compatibility - Challenge Cards can now be played in all game modes, and Challenge Cards that are incompatible with certain Missions or Modes will be grayed out during card selection.

New Game Mode: 

  • Restock Turrets - Fight waves of Xenos in a new location and refill indestructible turrets to help with enemy crowd control.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 4 Patch Notes

Other additions include:

New items and rewards in-game:

  • Nine (9) New Challenge Cards:
  • Draw Three
  • I Can’t Miss
  • Out of Shape
  • Brink of Death
  • Expendable Crew
  • Maybe We Got 'Em Demoralized
  • Quality over Quantity
  • High-Threat Environment
  • Bad Feeling About This Op

Arguably the biggest addition to the game is crossplay. Aliens Fireteam Elite is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. This means that friends will be now able to play together regardless of what console they have, or if their console is current gen or not, opening up new opportunities to make new allies against the iconic aliens.