All Blood Abilites in V Rising: Full List

We've written up a full list of all the Blood category abilities in V Rising.
We've written up a full list of all the Blood category abilities in V Rising. / Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

We've written up a full list of all the Blood category abilities in V Rising.

What's a vampire without a little blood? In V Rising, blood influences almost every aspect of gameplay from the buffs players receive to the very powers they can acquire. Below, we've explained every Blood ability in the game.

All Blood Abilites in V Rising

Like all ability types, there are three subcategories for Blood skills: Basic, Travel, and Ultimate. We've broken these down into their appropriate sections below.

Basic Blood Abilities

  • Blood Rage — Shield yourself and nearby allies for 110% of your spell power and increase attack speed by 25% for 4.5.
  • Blood Rite — Block melee and projectile attacks for 1.5s. Blocking an attack heals you for 30% of your spell power and triggers a wave of energy that pushes enemies away, dealing 100% magic damage. Turn non-material for 1.2s when this effect triggers.
  • Crimson Aegis — Apply a shield to target ally or self that shields the target for 200% of your shield power. Knocks nearby enemies back when the shield is applied.
  • Sanguine Coil — Launch a projectile that deals 75% magic damage and leeches 40% health on enemy hit. Heals ally for 100% and self for 40% of your spell power on ally hit.
  • Shadowbolt — Launch a show projectile that deals 200% magic damage and inflicts a 1s fading snare.

Travel Blood Abilities

  • Veil of Blood — Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and heals you for 5% of your maximum health.

Ultimate Blood Abilities

  • Crimson Beam — Channel a beam of energy that deals 150% magic damage to enemies hit, and heals allies for 100% of your spell power per second for up to 4s. Each target hit heals self for 25% of your spell power.
  • Heart Strike — Dash forward and strike enemies in a line. Deals 150% magic damage and heals self for 150% of your spell power over 3.5s. A nova of blood erupts when the effect ends, dealing 150% magic damage to the victim and nearby enemies.

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