All Fortnite Cursed Techniques Explained

Check out how to use Hollow Purple and Straw Doll Techniques in Fortnite.
Check out how to use Hollow Purple and Straw Doll Techniques in Fortnite. / Epic Games

Jujutsu Kaisen introduced special Fortnite Cursed Techniques to Epic Games' Battle Royale that allow players to dabble in sorcery.

Fortnite x Jujutsu Kaisen comes with more than just new skins and matching accessories. Similar to Fortnite's recent collaborations with Star Wars and Dragon Ball, the popular anime series is bringing special Mythic abilities in-game that can decimate opponents and structures with little effort.

Here's a breakdown of all the new Cursed Techniques in Fortnite.

All Fortnite Cursed Techniques Explained

The two Fortnite Cursed Techniques are the Straw Doll Technique and the Hollow Technique: Purple. Each technique gives players a unique ability that can easily hurt opponents without even having to use a gun.

The Straw Doll Technique will appear as a glowing blue orb that will look like a hammer in your inventory. The ability will allow you to use the hammer to launch nails at an opponent. The Mythic weapon will only have three charges before it goes into an eight second cooldown.

The Hollow Technique: Purple looks similar to the Dragon Ball Kamehameha. The purple orb is better used to destroy structures than damage opponents on the spot. The curse can erase buildings and deal damage over time to enemies. The Mythic has three charges but requires a 20 second cooldown between uses.

Where to Find Fortnite Cursed Techniques

Both Fortnite Cursed Techniques can only be found in Cursed Llamas. After killing a Cursed Llama, they will drop both the Straw Doll Technique and the Hollow Technique: Purple, along with the expected shield and ammo.

Cursed Llamas have a fairly high spawn rate during a match, so you will not have any trouble finding one. Icons of a Llama covered in a blue flame will appear on the map, directing you to the creature's exact position.

Straw Doll Technique vs. Hollow Technique: Purple

The Straw Doll Technique is the better Cursed Technique to run in Fortnite, especially if you want to deal constant damage to opponents. As long as you aim your hammer in the vicinity of an enemy, you will likely hurt them enough to finish them with another weapon in your inventory.

The Hollow Technique: Purple could be effective in certain endgame scenarios that take place in POIs like Frenzy Fields or Slappy Shores. The Cursed Technique can destroy a lot of the structures that players are hiding in, leaving them vulnerable to some easy shots from you or a teammate.