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All Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass: July 2022


Here are all the games leaving Xbox Game Pass during July 2022.

As surely as the moon moves the tides, the months that come and go dictate the departure of titles from the Xbox store. Don't have an existential crisis just yet; most of the games leaving Xbox Game Pass this time around are smaller titles. Although they will be missed by some, others will barely notice their departure.

Below, the YouTube Channel Xbox Portal runs down the latest games to depart Xbox Game Pass.

All Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass: July 2022

Xbox Game Pass Customers bid a fond farewell to the following titles on the following dates.

  • Atomicrops – July 15
  • Carrion – July 15
  • Children of Morta – July 15
  • Cris Tales – July 15
  • Lethal League Blaze - July 15

Players still have time to try out these games before they leave Game Pass, and several are worth a look. Pixel art roguelite Children of Morta boasts exciting combat; Carrion's "reverse-horror" concept puts the player in control of a tentacled monster trying to take over a scientific facility; and Lethal League Blaze is a fast-paced original sport that, with a few friends involved, has offers plenty of replayability.