All Overwatch 2 Tank Changes

All Overwatch 2 Tank Changes
All Overwatch 2 Tank Changes / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Overwatch 2 is now in development with new game modes and changes coming soon.

The recent announcement of Overwatch 2 and gameplay has shown fans a lot of changes are coming with one focus being tank heroes. The combat team system will be changing its player vs player from a team of six to a team of five, allowing certain roles on the team. Each team will have two damage, two support heroes, and one tank hero. This means a lot of changes and characteristics are coming to our favorite tank heroes.

Tank Hero Changes

Tank heroes in Overwatch have always played a role in defending the team but now that focus changes toward a more brawler-style. With Overwatch 2 in development, its recent stream shows the team will have less protection using tank hero's because developers want players to use the environment more as a tactic. Other changes to the tank role will include reduced knockback so players can survive a tank charging ability. Another feature changing is tank roles receiving a less ultimate charge to enemy players that are caused damage too, "So how can roadhog compete with the other tanks?" YouTuber GrayedArt comments. Developers will have players make good use of their surroundings to push forward and fight their way through.

These are some of the changes that are still in the works and are subject to change, for more information check out Play Overwatch.