All Pokémon That Evolve with Thunder Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


There are a number of Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that evolve using different items, one being the Thunder Stone.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet released on Nov. 18, 2022, and one big part of the game has to do with evolving different Pokémon. There are a ton of items that can be used to evolve, some exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet and some exclusive to Pokémon Violet. Thunder Stone is one item that is used in both games.

All Pokémon that Evolve with Thunder Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Thunder Stone can be used to evolve four Pokémon, they are:

Bellibolt - evolves from Tadbulb
Jolteon - evolves from Eevee
Raichu - evolves from Pokachu
Magnezone - evolves from Magneton

To add Thunder Stone to your inventory, players can either choose to buy it from a delibird presents store or scavage for it across the game.

Buying the item from the store will cost 3,000 league points, but in order to buy the items you will need to have progressed past a certain point in the game, so this might not be available at the start.

The other option to find Thunder Stones involves simply traveling around the map. Like a lot of other items used to evolve Pokémon, the best way to find them is by moving around and looking for something to interact with. With just four Pokémon that need Thunder Stones to evolve, you won't need to add a ton of this item to your inventory. If you are looking for another stone like Dawn Stone, we have you covered with a quick guide on where it can be found.