All Rocket League Codes for September 2022

Photo by Epic Games/Psyonix

From its collaboration with Ferrari to season eight launching next week, there has been a lot going on recently in Rocket League. To celebrate their recent milestones, Epic Games and Psyonix has been giving free cosmetic items to players in the form of Rocket League codes.

Typically gift codes expire after a few days, so it is important to stay up-to-date to catch these limited time items. Here is a tentative list of all of the promotional codes that have dropped this month:

Active Codes

  • popcorn: Redeem a Limited Popcorn Rocket Boost

Expired Codes

  • Bekind – Redeems a VCR Limited Trooper
  • Truffleshuffle – Redeems a Octane Goonies decal
  • wrestlemania – Redeems two WWE antenna, banners, and wheels
  • WWE18 – Redeems two WWE-themed antenna, banners, and wheels
  • wwedads – Redeems two WWE-themed antenna, wheels, two banners
  • shazam – Redeems Octane Shazam decal and wheels
  • couchpotato – Redeems a Grants Couch Potato Title
  • rlbirthday – Redeems two WWE-themed wheels, antenna, and banners
  • rlnitro – Redeems Breakout Nitro Circus antenna and decal
  • SARPBC – Redeems SARPBC car, logo, and antenna

How to Access All Rocket League Codes for September 2022

Unlocking Rocket League codes is a pain free process for players. Simply follow the steps below to access these gift items

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find the Extras Tab
  3. Click "Redeem Code"
  4. Enter the promotional code

As more codes are released, we'll update our list.