All Secrets of the Pacific Challenges in Warzone

Image courtesy of Activision

A set of challenges has accompanied the Secrets of the Pacific event in Warzone. Here's what you need to know.

In the run-up to the launch of Warzone Pacific, a fresh look for the popular Battle Royale set on a brand new map, a limited-time event is taking place across Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. The theme of this event is to protect Pacific artifacts scattered all around Verdansk, giving players a small glimpse of what's to come with the new Caldera map.

There are a number of challenges for players to complete throughout the event before it ends on Dec. 7.

All Secrets of the Pacific Challenges in Warzone

There are six challenges to complete in total, some of the which require players to go to specific locations to find items:

  • Jailbreak - In Battle Royale, go to the location shown in the photograph to find the mysterious object to unlock this reward.
  • On The Air - In Battle Royale, look for sweet deals on the latest electronics to earn this reward.
  • Fast Food - In Battle Royale, enjoy a quick meal while you wait for your plane to unlock this reward.
  • On Your Feet - In Battle Royale, go to a place where you can get patched up after a firefight to unlock this reward. (Go to the Hospital)
  • Abandoned - In Battle Royale, those who go beneath the earth in an unfamiliar location can unlock this reward. (Go to the Mineshaft)
  • Secrets - In Battle Royale, secrets of the past have been revealed recently. Go there to unlock this reward.

All Secrets of the Pacific Challenges in Call of Duty: Vanguard

The challenges are a little different in Call of Duty: Vanguard, focused more on the firefight:

  1. Get 25 Eliminations (Home in Paradise Calling Card)
  2. Get 5 Multikills (Tropical Token Emblem)
  3. Perform 1 Finishing Moves (Little Submarine Legendary Charm)
  4. Vote for Team MVP in 10 Matches (Learn to Fly Rare Sticker)
  5. Play Matches with another Member of Your Clan 5 Times (Into the Mine Spray)
  6. Get 3 Wins (Treasure The Scenery Calling Card)

Completing the challenges will earn you a preview of some of Caldera's upcoming POIs alongside some other neat rewards.