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All Warzone 2 Map POIs Seemingly Leaked

Image courtesy of Activision

The full list of POIs for the upcoming Warzone 2 have been seemingly leaked.

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 have been victims to a number of leaks, with information surfacing about some of the potential features heading to both games. These have included maps, skins, loadout changes, and more.

The latest batch of info to surface ahead of the games' releases is that of map POIs for Warzone 2, giving players a glimpse at just how big the game is setting up to be. The leaks come via Tom Henderson for exputer.

All Leaked Warzone 2 Map POIs: Full List

So far, it seems that the Warzone 2 map will feature 18 POIs:

  • Oasis
  • Wartorn
  • Quarry
  • Oilfield
  • Modern City (Highrise)
  • Caves (Afghan)
  • Dam
  • Marshes
  • Harbor
  • Sira
  • Observatory
  • Mountain town (assumed Favela)
  • Graveyard
  • Oldtown
  • Shipwreck
  • Fishtown
  • Fort
  • Airport (Terminal)

CoD veterans might recognize a number of names on the list, such as Oasis which was a map in Modern Warfare 3 DLC, and Dam — a POI in Verdansk. Of course, the current names of these POIs are pretty generic and might not necessarily be in reference to previous games.

Remember, these are leaks and are subject to change ahead of the official release. There's no guarantee that what you see here will be in the final game.