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All Warzone Caldera Bunker and Hatch Locations

Caldera's jungle island is home to one bunker and plenty of hatches.
Caldera's jungle island is home to one bunker and plenty of hatches. / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone's newest map, Caldera, differs from Verdansk in that, rather than be covered in bunkers players can open through an Easter egg quest, it has just a single bunker. Perhaps in place of those multiple bunkers, the map features several mysterious, circular hatches.

None of these doors have yet opened. Where keycards would periodically drop on Verdansk, sending players down the rabbit hole of opening the bunkers, there has yet to be a sign of how to get Caldera's doors open. For now, all we know is where to find them.

Warzone Caldera Bunker Location

Caldera's one Verdansk-style bunker can be found at the base of Falcon's Peak, on the western side of the volcano.

Warzone Caldera Hatch Locations

The hatches spread around Caldera can be found at the following locations:

  • At Docks, beside a truck and near the buy station
  • At Naval Arsenal, on the grassy cliff overlooking Arsenal
  • At Ruins, next to a rocky ridge and covered in foliage
  • At Phosphate Mines, on the hills above Mines, beside a bulldozer
  • At Lagoon, just north of Captain Butcher's crash site
  • At Power Plant, inside a mineshaft behind the waterfall
  • At Airfield, on a hill just northwest of the airfield itself
  • At Plentiful Fields, behind a pair of blue and white striped silos
  • At Falcon's Peak, inside the volcano itself. Access it by dropping through the top, or via a mineshaft at the base of the volcano
  • At Beachhead, near a group of tents and a buy station
  • At Shark's Lair, in the Submarine Pen area just north of the central Submarine Pen building
  • At Resort, on a hill south of the clocktower