Apex Legends

All Weapon Buffs and Nerfs in Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment released the Beast of Prey Collection event Tuesday, giving fans a chance to play the new LTM Gun Run. While plenty of fans are excited to try out the new Throwing Knife exclusive in the LTM, others simply want to get back to the grind of ranked before the split is over.

Apex Legends has always been about the meta and while Respawn does a decent job of changing it up here and there, this collection event doesn't do much to the gunplay. Most likely, Respawn will wait to make significant changes to the meta at the start of the new ranked split. It's a perfect time for changes when everyone resets, the maps rotate and players begin anew.

All Weapon Buffs and Nerfs in Apex Legends Beats of Prey Event


  • Crafting Rotation * RE-45 and Devotion back to floor
  • P2020 and Havoc added to crafter
  • Spawn Rates * Reduced laser and barrel spawn rates
  • Increased optic sights spawn rates
  • Reduced low-tier light weapon spawn rates
  • Increased heavy weapon spawn rates
  • Explosive Holds * Reduced Shotgun Bolt spawn rate
  • Increased optic spawn rate
  • Bocek Bow * Reduce ammo capacity from 80 to 60

The biggest change has been to the attachments and optics. Players have been complaining about the lack of optics and overabundance of certain attachments, so this is a step in the right direction. Other than the minor nerf to Bocek, and a slight buff to heavy weapons and snipers because of the increased spawn to attachments, much of the meta is the same. Expect heavier changes in a week when rank resets for the second split.