Alleged Black Ops 4 Leaked Footage Shows How Campaign Mode Would Have Looked

Discovered footage shows Black Ops 4 had a campaign in development at one point
Discovered footage shows Black Ops 4 had a campaign in development at one point / Courtesy of Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was the only Call of Duty game to not have a campaign mode. There is no question that the Call of Duty games were made popular by their multiplayer gameplay, but the campaigns had a large play rate and some fantastic stories. The first two modern warfares are famous for their fun campaigns. It seemed almost sacrilege to release a Call of Duty game without a campaign, but Black Ops 4 was that game.

Treyarch said that they didn't have plans for a campaign as they wanted to focus on the multiplayer aspects of the game, but it turns out, over a year and a half after the game was released, that a single-player campaign was in the works at one point.

ForeverDexus on Reddit posted the clip below that shows a version of the campaign that is different than what players have normally seen. It is also obvious this was not in final stages given some models aren't fully rendered, but it shows decent progress.

The player is given the mission to "Find the Aquilus CEO" which ForeverDexus thinks is indicative of a much larger storyline, although it is possible this was just a placeholder mission.

The graphics are not great at moments and as mentioned before, the character models are not the best looking, so this was in early development, but an interesting note is that the mission is being held on Seaside—a multiplayer map from Black Ops 4. The poster mentions they believe that Treyarch wanted to have the multiplayer mode and the campaign mesh and flow together, so the two were not entirely different experiences for the player holding the controller.

The poster also mentions they have more footage "showcasing augmented impact effects within the BO4 engine," but will not release them. They also mentioned this footage is public, but very obscure and that this is not necessarily a leak, but rather a discovery.