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Alleged Collusion Between G2 and Cloud9 to Prevent Sale of Perkz to Fnatic

G2 Esports vs SK Telecom T1 Semi-Final - League of Legends World Championship
G2 Esports vs SK Telecom T1 Semi-Final - League of Legends World Championship / Borja B. Hojas/GettyImages

A Riot investigation has found no harm after reports of alleged collusion between G2 Esports and Cloud9 to prevent the sale of Perkz to Fnatic, according to Dot Esports.

Perkz will be moving to Team Vitality this offseason, but prior to the move, a clause in G2 Esports and Cloud9's buyout agreement for Perkz last year prevented Cloud9 from selling Perkz to Fnatic. According to the buyout, the clause was active from November 2020 through the end of the 2023 League of Legends season, which voided any potential sale between Cloud9 and Fnatic.

Fnatic filed a complaint with the Riot LEC office to investigate the clause. Previously, the Riot LCS office approved the buyout agreement between Cloud9 and G2, however, the new complaint was raised to the Riot Global Esports department since it involves both the LCS and LEC offices.

The Riot Global Esports department found no evidence of the clause affecting Perkz or his choices for teams in the upcoming 2022 season. Now, the star mid-laner will be joining Team Vitality after both parties came to an agreement.

Riot issued the following statement on the situation.

Perkz will be joining Team Vitality alongside top laner Alphari and former MAD Lions carry Carzzy, as first reported by Esportmaniacos.

Riot will not allow these restrictive clauses in any buyouts between teams moving forward. Check out the rest of the latest League Roster Moves ahead of the 2022 season here.