Almost 80 Public Gaming Figures Accused of Misconduct in Wide-Scale Social Media Movement

Most of the accused are best known as content creators in the gaming space.
Most of the accused are best known as content creators in the gaming space. / Photo by Li Hoang/DreamHack

A total of 78 prominent male figures in gaming have been accused of a wide range of misconduct, including gender discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, by women on social media, all compiled in a blog post Monday afternoon.

Influencer and mental health advocate Jessy Quil compiled many of the stories into a Medium post (Click here to see them all), including links to the relevant tweets, TwitLongers and other blog posts.

The majority of those accused are streamers and content creators in gaming. Twitter user @LadyTiabeanie accused Ryan "Cryaotic" Terry, who has 2.67 million YouTube subscribers, of grooming her starting in 2011 while she was under the age of consent.

"I was 16 when I became a fan, soon after a friend," she wrote. "I developed feelings for you and you knew. You never discouraged them, just amusingly kept me at arms length for when you felt lonely."

A second Twitter user, @Brotherbillman1, shared screenshots of a text conversation they claimed to have taken place between Cryaotic and and an underage moderator of his.

Cryaotic responded to the accusations three days after their initial publication Twitter with a YouTube video. He did not deny that the relationships took place, but claimed he "was never with anyone underaged on a physical level."

"It was all online, but this does not diminish the act - I just know this matters to those who are concerned," he wrote.

Cryaotic did not respond to a request for comment.

Medium user Queen of the Feeders accused Jose Antonio "Angry Joe" Vargas, who has 3.24 million YouTube subscribers, of bullying her and attempting to coerce her into a relationship at PAX East 2018.

"Regardless of all the hate I may or may not receive, I hope that anyone else that he has hurt or coerced into sex/sexual acts because of what he has 'done' for you, just know you're not alone, it has bothered me every day since it has happened and that you can talk to me and not worry about me saying anything or feeling like no one will understand you, I am here for you," she wrote in a Medium post.

Angry Joe denied the claims via Twitter two days after their publication.

"I want everyone to know that there's been some false accusations made against me & that I'm taking this very seriously, my lawyers are now involved & I will have a full and complete public response shortly, but I have to let them do their job first," he wrote.

Angry Joe did not respond to a request for comment.

Dozens of other accounts in Quil's Medium post have prompted responses from the accused, as well as a larger reckoning with the toxic culture depicted in the stories.

A running list of all the accusations is compiled on the Medium post, and we will continue to update this story as more information is released.

Update 6/26/20: Twitch streamer Brad "BlessRNG" Jolly addressed the accusations against him, and Twitch has since banned him in the first wave of disciplinary action taken in response to the many stories of abuse. The company's CEO Emmett Shear addressed the situation Tuesday.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster Henry "HenryG" Greer has also responded to allegations made by an ex-girlfriend of his.