Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2 Explained

Image courtesy of Bungie.

Players are looking to find out more about the Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2.

The Altar of Reflection is introduced during The Witch Queen Campaign mission called The Mirror and it is located within the Witch Echo's area of the Throne World. After completing the campaign, gamers will have the opportunity to unlock the Altar of Reflection as a weekly activity that awards them with 250 Throne World reputation and a Powerful Gear drop. But, in order to get these generous awards, players will need to rack their brain as the activity requires them to decipher a collection of glyphs and sequences.

Now that Destiny 2 fans know what the Altar of Reflection is, here's a quick guide on how to solve these puzzles.

Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2 Explained

Once you enter the Altar of Reflection, there will be two puzzles to solve. The first one will be called Cursed Pools. For this puzzle, approach the center of the room. Four Hive runes will appear in circles with larger Hive runes spawning around the room above green pools. From there, players will need to identify and stand in each pool in the same order that the runes are displayed on the stone wall. Fortunately, there is no time limit so gamers will not need to worry about memorizing them all at once.

The second puzzle will be called Rune Patterns. The key to solving this one is to look for a pattern and then locate the runes that don't follow the markings. There will be eight columns total, with three having the wrong runes. Once the columns with the incorrect set of runes are discovered, gamers will have to shoot them. If the answer is incorrect, the puzzle will need to be reset.

As the Altar of Reflection will allow fans with more access to Savathun's memories, the puzzles will change each week. Essentially, this means that the location and the variation will do so too. With the right amount of luck and skill, players should have no trouble completing these fun challenges.