Altered Form Giratina Pokemon Go: How to Catch

Altered Form Giratina Pokemon GO makes a comeback in Pokemon Go's Remote Raiding Event
Altered Form Giratina Pokemon GO makes a comeback in Pokemon Go's Remote Raiding Event / Niantic Labs, The Pokémon Company

Altered Form Giratina Pokemon GO makes a return in Niantic's new raiding event this week.

Niantic Labs have launched a new raiding event to help everyone stay both socially distant and sane during the global quarantine. From today onward, trainers can pick up a Remote Raiding Pass that lets them engage in raids for special and legendary Pokemon from afar. The company has also been generous by offering some significant headliners. Darkrai, Altered Form Giratina, and Virizion will be making appearances until mid-May with a shiny chance.

Altered Form Giratina Pokemon Go

Altered Form Giratina is slated to appear from 4 p.m. ET May 5 until 4 p.m. ET May 12.

Altered Form Giratina has a max CP of 3,379, an attack stat of 187, defense of 225, and stamina of 284. It's best move set is quick move Shadow Claw and charged move Dragon Breath. Trainers have favored this Pokemon for higher tiers of PvP because of its sustainability and massive DPS output.

Many have referred to this Pokemon as a League Titan and a must-have for those serious about competing. Its dominance on the scene cannot be denied and has ultimately helped shape the meta of this part of the game.

While some trainers have speculated on the implied increase in shiny chance for featured Pokemon, Niantic has yet to confirm its existence. Trainers shouldn't be putting their best efforts on the back burner because they assume their shot will be better. Enter as many raids as you can, bring Giratina down swiftly, and don't waste your berries at the end.