Amazing 1v3 to Win a Nations Cup PUBG Match

The Nations Cup for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is currently taking place with a total of 16 teams with the best players from each country competing towards a grand prize of $100,000 for the winning team.

On the fifth match of the second day, the game came down to just four players. Three members of the Brazillian team, and just one last member from Thailand. The player from Thailand, Katanyu "DUCKMANZ" Chinsorranan, was hiding behind cover against three opponents.

DUCKMANZ was taking heavy fire from Andrey "and1FPS" Henrique and Alan "rustyzera" Alves. During the firefight, one member of the Brazillian team, Ricardo "Rdnx" Queiroz, took a vehicle and started driving to drive behind DUCKMANZ in an attempt to ambush him. However, before Rdnx could even arrive, DUCKMANZ got a clean shot onto and1FPS, and managed to down him.

As Rdnx drove behind, he ended up taking lethal damage from DUCKMANZ, and started to drive outside of the ring. He took a hard hit and ended up getting downed outside the ring. All that was left was a 1v1 situation between DUCKMANZ and rustyzera. The two players tried to peek around corners to avoid getting, but in the end, DUCKMANZ managed to kill rustyzera, winning the match for Thailand.

If you found that clip to be exciting, be sure to watch the rest of the PUBG Nation's Cup live on Twitch.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

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