Amazing Team Effort as Reinhardt Player Annihilates a Team During Last Stand

It's not every day that an Overwatch clip can make you anxious for the player, but that's what one highlight reel has managed recently.

During an end of game push on an objective, Reddit user u/Curtains29 showcased a 32-second clip of him in a glorious last stand befitting of Germany's finest Crusader and the only S-ranked Tank.

The clip starts with Curtains29 boosting into an enemy Reinhardt and pinning him against a wall, smacking him a few times with his hammer before the enemy Reinhardt manages to slip away. Curtains29 then begins to suffer severe damage, to the point he was down to a single health point and ducked into the ruins to hide, with an enemy Brigitte tailing him.

But before she can deliver the final blow, Curtains29's teammate, a Soldier 76, manages to kill her as the team's Moira moves in to heal him up.

Incentivized, Curtains29 goes on a killing rampage, boosting into one opponent, killing them, before moving onto the rest of the team, killing the remaining three with his hammer in about five seconds. As the last kill notification icon leaves the screen the game ends, with a stellar victory for the defensive team.

While there have been doubtless more exciting and nerve wracking matches in Overwatch history, this is still a fun joyride to experience, from the last health point to Curtains29's adrenaline fueled rampage. But it also showcases the importance of teamwork, and how being aware of your surroundings can make or break a match.

All three principal players, Reinhardt, Moira, and Soldier 76, played an essential role, and had but one failed it would have potentially led to a loss. Rather than trying to score meaningless kills, Moira and 76 saw that Reinhardt was in trouble, recognized his importance, and moved in to help him out, which led to a win for them. Hopefully people will see this, and be inspired to work as a team as we move into the Overwatch 2 Beta.