Amazing Valorant Clip Shows Neon 1v4 Clutch on Fracture

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant has a new agent, and many people are using her abilities to their advantage to get some awesome clutch clips.

Reddit user u/Vinsanityyy took this awesome clip of their 1v4 clutch on the newest map, Fracture.

Check out the footage below.

In a post titled "When going for exits with Neon goes a little too well..." the player starts this awesome 1v4 by going in on the enemy Jett with only a Sheriff.

After getting an insta headshot on Jett, they use Neon's High Gear ability to rush in and grab a Phantom off the ground while avoiding shots from other enemies.

Once they have the phantom, they easily take down the Chamber from about 20 meters away, then they once again use the High Gear and Fast Lane abilities to slide in and kill the enemy Sage while only having 2 bullets.

u/Vinsanityyy wrote in a comment, "...I actually just watched it again and I cancelled my reload animation too early! LOL I had 2 bullets when I killed that Sage."

Now that the Sage has been taken down, the player is free to defuse the spike halfway before the enemy Omen blinds them.

Despite the blindness, Neon is able to kill Omen by only using the gun animations as a way to see where he is.

The spike ends up getting defused with only 00.20 left on the timer.