Amazon and Smilegate to Consider Lost Ark Console Port

Lost Ark
Lost Ark / Photo Courtesy of Smilegate RPG

If enough fans ask for it, Lost Ark may be adapted for consoles.

Soomin Park, franchise leader at Amazon Games, was interviewed by VG247 this past week. They asked about whether Lost Ark will be available on PlayStation or Xbox due to Diablo 3's immense popularity on console.

Even though Park was unsure, he stated, "If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then I think it’s something both parties would consider!"

While Smilegate and Amazon have yet to comment on the matter, Park believes that the developers and publishers will think about putting Lost Ark on PlayStation or Xbox.

Park also focused on the prevalence of future updates. "There will be new content updates released on a regular cadence as well. So yes, if you came for the action and combat then you’ll be pleased [with] just the story content. But don’t be afraid to try out some of the more MMO-focused features either."

The global spread of media has impacted media releases across the world. This includes television shows, music, and even games. Korean media and art has been distributed rapidly, due to streaming services and other internet availability. Park commented on how games like Lost Ark are no exception. He states that international games aid in spreading cultural awareness.

ARPGs with MMO functions are unique in the way that Lost Ark uses them. "What Lost Ark does best is give fans of ARPGs what they crave while combining the richness of an a full MMO with social engagement and an ongoing end game experience. The game takes the best features of both those genres into highly compelling loops."

Although Lost Ark has been groundbreaking in many ways, its release in the West has not been received well entirely. Its customization attributes show female characters in revealing outfits and includes gender-specific classes. Due to this criticism spread by players, Smilegate is beginning to work on adding other outfits and classes to female characters.

There is something for all players to desire in Lost Ark, such as a campaign, customization, multiplayer functions, and an involved narrative. Due to its concepts and popularity, it is suspected that Lost Ark could eventually be adapted for PlayStation and Xbox.